Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tays growing up!!

OMG!! Does she look older than what she should?? Took these photos of Tay the other day while she was just hanging out with some of her friends. Theres just something about her in these pics that has made me think that my little girl is growing up way tooo fast. I'm scared!! Not really, but dont know if i'm ready for this. Guess theres not much i can do about it. She will be twelve at the end of the year. Where does the time go? Seems like yesterday when she was that shy little girl that used to cling to me, and now she dosen't really need me much. I'm feeling sad about all this, in case you can't tell. She will always need me, just not as much as she used to. I still need my Mum, so im thinking it's going to be OK.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Puppy

WOW, look everyone i'm back. The girls have been giving me a hard time at work because i've gone to Facebook instead of blogging. So, thought just to please them i would pop a photo of Tay and our newest member to our family, Marley. There you go. Told you that i would put something on tonight. Well, back to Facebook i go. Sorry, but like chatting to people much better. Tan xox

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't believe I'm posting this!!

Here's us girls being SILLY. Well, me being silly. Before Donna headed home today we took a few (try about 50) photos of ourselves. I haven't laughed this hard for a least a few weeks. This is what you get when I'm in charge of the camera. I'm sure I told them to pull a funny face too, but I guess they got me good. How ridiculous do I look! Will put some of the others on when I get a wee bit of time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another morning at Auskick

I didn't get my sleep in this morning but I did get some house work done before heading off to watch Tys play footy. He asked me during the week if I could take some photos of him playing footy so I could blog him. Thought it was funny how he wanted to be blogged. They seem to get a kick out of seeing themselves on the computer. He mainly wanted these photos put on so Nanna & Grandpa could see them. Don't think he realises that anyone can look at them. Well it's not every day he asks me to take his photo, actually i don't think hes ever asked me to take his photo.

Anyway, better go hang out the next load of washing.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

These photos CRACK me up

I have to stop looking back on old photos. I did these photos probably about 4 years ago. We used to have this program on our computer where you could take someones face and put it on someone elses body. So I messed around with the kids faces and these is what I came up with. There were heaps of others with mine and Darrens faces but they were toooo funny to show anyone. All deleted now. I can't believe I kept these on the computer. I just did them for a bit of a laugh. Must of been bored i guess. I like the one of Tyson with the boys. CRACKS me up.

Gee, I think I've gone blogging mad today. Three posts in the one day. WOW. I've just finished work at the restaurant and can't sleep. Every ones in bed, can hear someone snoring. Not sure if it's Daz or the dog. They sound alike. Well, have been sorting through my photos on the computer, putting them into different files, deleting ones I don't need and burning some onto discs. I think this job will take until the end of the year. Didn't realise I had sooo many on here. Thats why i've blogged three times. I keep on finding these photos and saying oh isn't that cute or must blog that one. I promise no more until at least tomorrow. I probably should try and get some sleep. Gotta get up for footy in the morning. Tysons doing Auskick. Thats not until 10am, so I get a sleep in. YAY! Darrens getting up at 3am to go to work so i'll be awake then too. He always has to wake me just to give me a kiss and say goodbye. It's kinda nice, but sometimes would prefer he just left me sleeping. Bust day tomorrow, have to clean the whole house as i've got Mum coming to stay for the week as well as Donnas coming to stay with me too. Whoo hoo. Darren's off to Clare to work for the week so Mums helping out with looking after the kids while I work, and Dons just coming cause she can. Got the washing to do plus have to work at the restaurant again tomorrow night. Busy,busy,busy. I do like to be busy ya know. Anyway it's time for bed. Nighty night everyone. Sweet dreams.

Love Tan. Zzzzz

Miss Lilly

Here's Miss Lilly. Isn't she sooo CUTE. Was just looking through some of last years photos and couldn't help showing this one off. I think she looks a little confused!

Happy Kids = Happy Parents

This photo was taken about a week before Christmas last year. I remember we had about 4 hrs to waste before Darren had to be at an appointment, so we took the kids to the 'Beach House'. (That's it in the background) What better place for the kids to waste time at. I'm sure they would prefer this to shopping any day. Even Taylah. They had an absolute ball. This is such a fun place to take the kids. Much better than them, including Darren, nagging at me because they are sick of being dragged all over shopping malls. At least here everyone was HAPPY. We all went for a quick run on the beach before we headed off. Wish I took more photos on this day. They were so excited to be running on the beach that I only managed to stop them for this one. I guess I'm Lucky it turned out then. Tyson was funny when he said he didn't know they had beaches like this in the city. Maybe it was a mistake taking them there, as now I'll never get anyone to come shopping with me.
I just LOVE how they look so happy.